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Download Movie This Is 40 Year 2012 - این 40 است
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This Is 40 ( 2012 )

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6.2 of 10Avg rate by 119,283 users on

Metacritic: 59/100
Users score: 0 of 10
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Pete and Debbie are both about to turn 40, their kids hate each other, both of their businesses are failing, they're on the verge of losing their house, and their relationship is threatening to fall apart.

Director:    Judd Apatow

Country:   USA

Starring:    Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Maude Apatow

Download Movie Return to Horror Hotel Year 2019 - بازگشت به هتل ترسناک
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Return to Horror Hotel ( 2019 )

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6 of 10Avg rate by 32 users on

Metacritic: -/100
Users score: 0 of 10
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Return to Horror Hotel is an anthology feature with 4 segments. One is about giant a bedbugs, one is about a magical charm that turns girls beautiful, one is about a WWII sailor who hasn't aged and one is about a terrorizing severed hand.

Director:    Ricky Hess, Brandon Thaxton

Country:   USA

Starring:    Baby Norman, J Michael Grey, R.C. Sayyah